Monday Morning Money

Ask a CFP® Pro: Do I Need Medicare Supplement Insurance?

August 2, 2020

Today on our show, we offer a simple, low-cost estate planning tip to help you avoid probate.  We talk about the current bear market, and share some expert predictions.  And we answer three questions.  The big one: do I need Medicare supplement insurance?

Show Timeline

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:50 - Estate Planning Tip: Transfer On Death Provisions.
  • 8:12 - Let's talk about stocks
  • 11:16 - Question: Do I need to keep my Medicare supplement insurance policy?
  • 15:49 - Question: What is your opinion of gold and silver as an investment option right now?
  • 19:59 -  Question: Is the stock market today being influenced by the media—especially the liberal left agenda?

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Do I Need Medicare Supplement Insurance

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